Monday, May 28, 2007

EDM Challenge #16: Favorite Tool

This is a quick sketch of my absolute-no question-favorite tool (and a stapler, too...which I drew on the same page in an otherwise vastly empty sketchbook...don't ask me why I did this.) Anyway, I used to carry a Swiss Army knife; but once I discovered this jewel, I never looked back. If I misplace this one, I have a back-up always ready. If I should-god forbid-lose the back-up, I would drop everything and go buy two more (REI). The elements of it that I find so indispensable are...well...all of 'em.

Oh's a Leatherman Juice XE-6. It comes in a brilliant purple...but will age to a beautiful, burnished stainless through constant use (...not a good enough sketcher yet to represent this low-luster, polished quality).

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