Sunday, June 17, 2007

Everyday Matters Challenge #123: Bell

This is a view looking out from our side deck-which is covered by an arbor from which this bell hangs. The large leaves to the left belong to a tree that is native (and revered) in our little ecosystem: a 'bigleaf magnolia'.
This beautiful, custom-made bell was given to my wife and me by her mother when we moved into our new house. Besides looking very pleasing, the bell is rung occasionally to call the cats: the three of whom use this deck to enter and exit the porch.

EDM #127: Skyscape

When driving across the Great Plains at dusk, the domed canopy of the sky slowly engulfs you and becomes your world. You can see the beginnings and endings of rain-hundreds of miles away...and the lightning competes with the rays of the sun.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

EDM Challenge #121: Coin

This is a 1942 Liberty half-dollar that my father had in a worn, black leather box in the back of his drawer when he past away. The reason it has meaning to me is that he used to have a huge piggy bank full of them. It was very heavy. When we were young, my sister and I would beg him to let us count them. We thought Dad was some kind of Midas.
Years later, I learned that the movers stole that piggy bank when he and my mom had to move out of the house that we grew up in. Undaunted and in spite of his advancing age, he obviously had started collecting them again. There were 14 coins in the box.