Monday, May 28, 2007

EDM #18: Draw a view from your 'office'

I spend alot of time waiting for people to show up! I did this drawing on one such day. To my surprise, and contrary to their past history (!), these flooring guys showed up relatively 'on time' I wasn't able to really finish the view outside the windshield.
As you can see, I have a calendar book that sits on a custom-bent piece of sheet-metal that 'sits' over the top of the dashboard. By the slant of the writing, you might also be able to tell that I use my left hand-(when I draw, too). This notebook arrangement would probably be unworkable for non-lefties; but-on the other hand (no pun intended)-if I was right handed, I probably wouldn't need this contraption.


martha said...

Ha - that's me too! I get my best ideas in the car. Very nice sketch. I like how a bit of outside detail is shown.

Col said...

I really enjoy these more complicated sketches!