Monday, May 28, 2007

EDM Challenge #55: Doorknob

I drew this doorknob and deadbolt while sitting on my porch. It is the door into my living room: one half of a set of french doors. I was kinda happy with this one; maybe because I have installed so many of these things, I have a certain knowledge about them.
As a carpenter-cum-contractor, I have always used the proper installation of a door as a metaphor for the way I try to conduct all of my work. If the door is hung correctly, then everyone will use it as intended and pass through it without notice.


Prairiegal said...

Very creative view of the doorknob!! Excellent work Rah. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Col said...

oooh..I envy this perspective. I still have this challenge to do (among many many others) but haven't thought up a good perspective/composition yet.