Sunday, August 19, 2007

EDM Challenge #132: Chain

This is a 'look' up at the copper rain chain that hangs from the gutter that is attached to the fascia of the deep overhang outside our kitchen porch, under which are situated our herb planting boxes. When the clouds pour, it is a genuine pleasure to watch the water dance down this chain...and if-like now-it is hot and dry, they look beautiful even when not animated by the coursing rain.

Monday, August 6, 2007

EDM Challenge #131: Spray Bottle

This is a local product. It was manufactured by someone who rented a storage space near one I once rented. He produced the stuff right there...and was very enthusiastic about its effectiveness. He gave me several samples to try, this being one of them. He was convinced that it would sweep the country once people learned of its powers.

"P-Eliminator"...can you guess what its miraculous properties 'eliminate'? Yes..."P". As a test, I applied it to the following sentence, to see if it actually does what its name implies:
"The quick brown fox jum s over the lazy dog" worked.

(If you also happen to have an errant pet who thinks the whole of his domain is under continual threat, thereby warranting the use of the occasional 'squeeze play' at key transition points-to ward off real and imagined interlopers, this product might also help to minimize the aftermath of such machismo. Beware of getting drawn into 'spraying contests' using this product in that way!)