Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everyday Matters Challenge #85: The Inside of a Store in Your Area

This is a favorite haunt. I managed to find one of the few remaining chairs. As the figures started to go down on the page, I felt like I recognized the guy on the left.
Sure enough, if you go back into my blog to EDM #133: Draw a Peach...I swear it's the same kid standing in line on the left.


Sarah Ketelaars said...

This is lovely Rock. You also really know your kit don't you? I realise how few art materials i use just due to sheer ignorance. (But EDM seems a good place to learn more).I'm off to research pitt pens, tombows etc! Great Stuff. keep on truckin'

Saartje :)

Starr said...

This is my first time visting your blog. The fact that you left me a comment is amazing after admiring your work. WoW! You are now one of my new favs. I am also going to do some research on art supplies. I will be a frequent visitor. Thanks. Starr

Mike (Creative Dialog Studios) said...

Your style is right down my alley and so I have an award for you at

seesue said...

Awesome blog! Enjoyed looking at all your wonderful sketches.

Col said...

Same dude? Too funny Rock!
Seriously though. What possed you to think hey...draw a library full of bookshelves? You are one brave EDMer!