Saturday, October 13, 2007

EDM #35: Draw a bicycle

I was waiting for someone at the subway station. This quick sketch is what I was looking at across the parking lot. (Not much drawing happening lately. Truth be told...I did this drawing months ago.)
I am anxious to get back into the drawing mode; but-as a renovation contractor-it's the projects that have to be completed for Christmas that get my energy for now.
I picked up DG's book again. It really does wonders for the inspiration and rekindling of creative desires. If you are in a similar it to any page.


Tami said...

Nice job on the bicycle, interesting angle there...I love pen and inks, don't know why I don't do more, maybe I need to get out "THE BOOK".

Laurel Neustadter said...

I like your drawings. I get very busy with work too (I am a software developer). It can really interfere with art. Finding a balance is difficult.

Col said...

Follow that yellow brick road, Rock, it is being good to you!