Saturday, July 24, 2010

Virtual Paintout: Hong Kong

I am utterly fascinated by the plethora of A/C units, drain lines, electrical wires, plumbing supply pipes, support cables, cantilevering signage, steel bracing, clothing, and the rest of it that is so clearly visible all over the facades of almost all of the older downtown buildings and so much a part of the exterior urban street scene of this exotic location.
I chose a view that had a high concentration of these visual shapes. This is my impression of Hong Kong.
To me-as a person in the building business-this speaks volumes about the decades-long introduction of "modern-day conveniences" into the lives and homes of more and more people and reveals the inherent dilemma of where to put the layers of new infrastructure needed to accommodate the increasing demands for comfort.
I thought this kind of vision was only found in movies like Brazil and Blade Runner; but now I see it is more common than I realized. And not only is the visual plane a cacophony, I can only imagine the ambient din on the street itself.

Reference photo from Google Street View here.


Moish said...

It looks great! quite true to the photo.

debra morris said...

Great drawing of Hong Kong ....H.K.'s not the prettiest of places in parts and is quite noisy(that's why I live on Lamma Island)but boy do we need those air cons in summer.
Thanks for your comments

Phillip G Holt said...

I always look forward to seeing your contribution. Nice job on a complex scene. This must be pre central air section of the city. The whole neighborhood is full of little window ACs.

paulien maria said...

I really like this drawing!