Sunday, April 18, 2010

Virtual Paintout: Stavanger, Norway

This is a Stavanger, Norway sketch painting that didn't make the time cut-off for the Virtual Paintout. I still wanted to do it since the shapes and colors were so interesting, not to mention the towering perspective from the street. Reference here.
This is the first painting I've done using only watercolor tube paints instead of watercolor markers and pencils. I see the wisdom of mixing paint on a palette. The next evolution will be to use different brushes beyond the Niji waterbrush.


Anonymous said...

This is just soooooooooo very very good Rah. Alot of your latest work is just getting tighter and more subtle. Am loving your colors and perspectives.

You pick great subject matter too, things I wouldn't think of selecting at all, but it works so well for you and you make what may initially appear mundane really come to life in a way that is exciting. Actually, you do that alot and it helps me to see better, see more, see where I don't want to see, or wouldn't see. And that Mr. Kyndal is the source of true art! Bravo and thank you.

Gillian said...

Rock - this is delightful - what a shame you missed entering it - hope you're going to get this month's in on time!

raena said...

Wonderful, wonderful! I wish you had made the deadline! Great perspective work!

Alex said...

I've been to Norway several times, but it's not easy to locate those industrial areas.
You're right, the perspective seem really fun to do here, challenging but you've nailed it! Thanks for your comments =)

BluePrint said...

Wow your life drawing work is really inspiring me to do some more life drawings for myself.