Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everyday Matters Challenge #83: Draw a Nearby Body of Water-A Pond

This is a beautiful, intown neighborhood duck pond near a project I am currently working on in an area of town called Buckhead. I did the pencil sketch drawing half 'plein air' while waiting to meet with some clients/friends who want a couple of porches built on their house. I drove around for the best vantage point and with pad over steering wheel, I drew what I could in one hour.
I am starting to see the limitations of my beloved Tombow markers and may have to branch out and learn to use true watercolors...maybe. I am also grateful that the work in the renovation business-for me anyway-keeps coming in.


Sarah Ketelaars said...

This is lovely. I like the birds in the foreground and the shape of the branches in front of the buildings behind - it all has real depth. Haven't tried Tombows but i did get some Pitt pens after reading all the EDM folk use 'em, and i love them. I also just bought a tiny stacking watercolour set (so easy to transport) and they're not as scary as i expected so my advice is to go for it! (if you can survive lightening you're ready for watercolours - everyone knows that)

Sharon said...

With my limited ability to accurately depict perspective, I am always impressed by other's attempts to draw buildings. This is quite a complicated drawing, well done. Give watercolors a try, Rock. They are enormously rewarding AND frustrating. (Good news that you are still busy with work!)

flicka said...

Dear Rock, I have been a great admirer of your work for some time now.
I love the mood you have set in this lovely study, with your use of colors and quiet placement. Your outdoor work, the one of your home and now this gives me a sense of intimate knowing of "place". I want to live in the places you draw and your sense of color amazes me.

Your attention to detail is also wonderful to observe, sometimes whimsical and others quite serious and attentive to detail that eludes me.

I love the idea of you moving into the tricky realms of watercolor, and have no doubt you will find your poetry on paper with them as you've done with your Tombows.

Looking forward to more.


caseytoussaint said...

This has so much atmosphere - the 'empty' water space and the branches really add to the composition. I think you'll love watercolors - they are so fast to apply compared to markers.
And I'm also glad to hear that your work load hasn't been affected by this economic mess we're all in.

winna said...

I didn't know the box of Tombows I have could produce somthing as magical as this landscape!

Peachtreeart said...

Very mystical!

Alex said...

Awesome colors, and I really like your lines, and depth. :)