Tuesday, January 1, 2008

EDM #110: Something with flames

I remember very vividly when this exhibition hall burned-in 1976. Back before I really knew anything about Buckminster Fuller, I was genuinely impressed by this geodesic structure when I walked through it during Expo '67 in Montreal. So later, when I saw the footage of this archetypal form on fire, I was mesmerized. (What a visual!)
Just the other day, I happened to be looking through an old publication from the seventies when I came across this news photo from that time. Through the act of freehand drawing it from that historical photograph, I was mesmerized again...such is the power of art.
(Apologies to fellow EDM'rs: this is not really an 'everyday' fire!)


caseytoussaint said...

Wonderful drawing - I can't remember the actual incident but this is a very powerfu image.

Anonymous said...

iT's fuNNy ho
W mucH haPPenS iN thiS worLd thaT wE aRen'T awaRe oF..
i LoVe yoUR aRTs